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Frequently Asked Questions

With my condition/disability, I don't think I'd be comfortable on a massage table.  What are my options to receive a massage?

No worries!  We do our best to make accommodations for the comfort and well-being of our clients.  We can use pillows, bolsters, or special foam cushions to make the table as comfortable as possible for the client, or we can provide a massage chair as an alternative to the massage table.  If neither of those options work for you, we can also provide massage on a mat on the floor, a PT table, hospital bed, regular bed, bean bag or the client can remain in their wheelchair or even a recliner.  We adapt to all unusual situations when the disability or condition does not allow for the normal use of a massage table or chair.  

I am a caregiver and interested in scheduling massage for my client with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  My client has unusual, sometimes aggressive behaviors.  Will the therapist be able to handle this?

With developmental and intellectual disabilities, we understand that behaviors do happen.  If the behaviors tend to be aggressive, we will require the caregiver to remain present in the room during the massage so that they may intervene to ensure the client and therapist's safety.  If the behaviors aren't aggressive, we ask that the caregivers remain close by so the therapist can get assistance or get help interpreting the client's needs if necessary.  We rely on caregivers to keep the therapists informed of any unique issues the client may have and guidance on how to handle them.  

Are there situations where a person should not receive massage?

Yes.  In most situations it is safe to receive massage, however, certain medical conditions are contraindicated. For the safety of you and the therapist, if you have a fever, cold/flu symptoms, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting please wait until you are symptom free for at least 24 hours before receiving a massage.  Circulatory issues, like the presence of a blood clot, present serious risks when receiving massage.  Please be forthcoming about any and all health conditions so your therapist can tailor the session for maximum comfort and safety.  In some situations, a physician's note stating it is safe to receive massage may be required.

Do I have to undress completely for the massage?

To receive the maximum benefit from the massage,  it is recommended that the client remove as much clothing as possible.  Some people choose to remove everything, while others choose to leave on their undergarments.  Clients are always draped appropriately for the safety and  comfort of the client and therapist.  If you are not comfortable removing anything, we can work around or through the clothes.  It is really up to you.   

Do I have to leave a tip?​

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated when they do occur.  The best tip is to tell your friends and family about your great experience and schedule another massage for yourself!  

Can I get a discount if I book frequently?

While we would love to accommodate this request, our small operation simply can't afford to do this.  Occasionally we run special offers and advertise through Facebook, so be sure to like our page so you can stay in the loop!


There are several discount massage chains where you can find low price massages, as well as many businesses who use Groupon.  If you are looking for a cheap massage, we suggest you look there.  At Special Kneads we are about quality.  We have skilled and compassionate therapists providing top notch care.  We offer consistent, reliable services in a beautiful, clean environment.  

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