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Outcall Services:

Due to high client volume, our ability to accept new outcall clients is limited.  Therefore, we will no longer be accepting new outcall clients unless they are located at a facility we already go to, or are a referral from an existing client.  For any new clients wanting in-home massage services, the following travel fees will apply:

Travel fees are additional to the service fee and determined by calculating the round-trip mileage using the fastest route to the location from our office at 8400 West Center Rd. in Omaha. This fee is the same whether there is one appointment or several appointments, so it is not a per/person fee, it is a per trip fee.    

Outcall Massage Service Prices:

 *30-minute:  $60

 *45-minute:  $75 

  60-minute:  $90

  90-minute:  $130

120-minute:  $160

*30 and 45-minute outcall massages are only available if more than one person is getting a massage at the same location, one after the other. A total of 60-minutes of services minimum is required for all outcall appointments.


Policies regarding Outcall Massage Services:

  • We have a strict no-call/no-show policy on outcall appointments.  Full payment for the session will be required If less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel or if a client is not there when we arrive for the appointment.  The LMT reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy at their own discretion.  

  • If any incident disrupts the session (client behavior issue, client incontinence, refusal of service, sudden illness, or any other disruption), the time spent addressing the issue will come out of the scheduled massage time.  Full payment will be expected regardless of the hands-on time due to the disruption.

  • Client preparation and transfer to table is part of the session time, therefore please be ready for your appointment to maximize hands-on massage time.

  • Please have a private (or partitioned), quiet, safe space designated for the session, large enough to accommodate a massage table if needed.  

  • If you are physically unable to use a massage table because of a physical disability, we can make accommodations to provide massage while the client remains in their wheelchair, regular chair,  bed, floor mat, or other preferred way.  

  • If there are any safety issues with pets in the home, please have them closed off in another room during your session.  

  • Payment for services is expected at the time the service is rendered.  We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards.  Various payment arrangements can be made for those individuals receiving regular massage treatments or for those who are not paying directly for the services. 

Please note: Special pricing and discounts do not apply to outcall appointments.  Outcall services are not available for the general population (without special needs) without a referral from an existing client.  

For more information, please contact:


Jeannie Heller, LMT, call:  (402) 208-8468 or



Jill Reavis, LMT, call: (402) 218-2653 or


Please note:  Due to a high volume of requests, response times may vary.  

While we try to return messages within 24 hours, it may take several days to respond. 

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