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Self-Care Classes

We all know that there is no replacement for a good massage by a properly trained licensed massage therapist.  However, most of us can't afford weekly massages, even though our bodies would love it if we could.   Even if we could afford them, there is always that time where a persistent, chronic pain disturbs your sleep, or makes getting through your day difficult, if not impossible.  You can't necessarily call your LMT in the middle of the night, or leave your workday to rush to your massage therapist's office.


This is the inspiration behind our new offering:  Self-Care Classes and Private Self-Care Sessions.  In these classes we will teach you how to manage chronic pains between massages by demonstrating a series of self-massage techniques using a variety of balls and other massage tools, as well as stretches specific to what ails you.  We will show you how to target common trouble makers so that you can give yourself some natural, drug-free pain relief between massage sessions.

Upper-Body:  This class will focus on the neck, shoulders and back from the waste up. This class would

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